Living in our present world, the world has begun to change rapidly as technology evolves, negativity is on the rise, and environmental awareness is continually becoming a concern. I decided to tackle these three issues by channelling my creative juices, capturing precious life moments, and infusing positivity into my art. Of course, I was very much inspired by my beloved four-legged furry family members which started the whole company, and they continue to do so everyday!
Many of my items are created with the environment in mind; such as my tic-tac-toe set, which promotes using less paper, or my ceramic speakers, which encourage the use of less electricity in our daily lives.
My music boxes try to capture the small pleasures, milestones, and things that we hold dear in our lives. They are reminders of things that we may take for granted, things that we love, or our achievements. Nowadays, everything is electronic, and it is hard to come by anything physical that is not mass-produced. Music boxes have now become a rarity, and I feel that, if I were the recipient of a music box, knowing how much craftsmanship and meaning it has behind it, is truly touching and emotional.
Other items, such as my mugs, soup bowls, pet bowls, and many more were hand crafted with a practical approach. I wanted them to be multi-purpose, so that even after multiple uses, there would still be endless possibilities. Life is full of endless possibilities, and there should be daily reminders around us to remind us of that.
I believe that sometimes, it’s the small things in life that matter the most, because they are the people (or pets!) that share the most priceless and timeless memories with us.

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